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Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary (NPTS) (Previously known as Nepal Theological Seminary) is located in the Southern part of Kathmandu, Nepal, the first college to award Bachelor of Theology in the history of Christianity in Nepal on May 24th 1986. The Seminary stands for equipping pastors for the present and future church by pastoral practicum and academic training.

In the spring of 1976, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sungho Lee was commissioned by Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) and sent as missionary to Nepal. He was the first Korean Missionary to Nepal.  Rev. Lee and his wife Priscilla Jung Hee Lee stepped in Nepal in the spring of 1976. In those days the churches were under the threat of persecution in Nepal.

During those days there were only few Bible training centers for the people to train themselves. For B.Th degree one had to go either in India or abroad. When Emmanuel Sungho Lee saw the need of a real theological institute, he started to pray and share his burden to his friends. Some of his close friend advised him not to carry on this long term teaching program and indicated that Nepali people need only three months biblical training not for long term training.

In 1976 Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary was framed in dream only and was not a subject to present in public. After the decade of his ministry in Nepal, in 1982 he had a heavy burden to start the Bible College to train the young people in Nepal. A point of actual preparations was in 1986 as the College began its long and successful journey with a handful of students in a rented building at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. 

Some of the first students to enroll in NPTS were now serving as the head of the Institute, Organizations, Senior Pastors and teachers. NPTS maintained an open enrollment policy to every denomination.

In1988, President Emmanuel Sungho Lee purchased and developed the Keyong Hall, the Seminary’s beautiful campus at Sunakothi, Lalitpur. 

From 1989- 2000   Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary received the Accreditation from International Accreditation Commission USA, PCK Theological Education Commission Korea and World Korean Theological Education Association, Korea.

2000-2005 Nepal Theological Seminary received the affiliation from Cohen University and Theological Seminary CA. USA.

2005-2012 Nepal Theological Seminary was affiliated with Wyclif University and Theological Seminary CA. USA.

From the year 2010 NPTS went through a period of growth and expansion. In order to serve the growing needs of the students and those of the broader Christian community and society NPTS has expanded its Accreditation with Asia Theological Association. In 2012 Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary received the accreditation from Asia Theological Association.

 Along with academic expansion, the Seminary has been blessed with numerous progressive steps in student development.  The developments often are led by faculty and staff or students in leadership.

The years 2011-2012 were difficult ones for NPTS. The founder Rev. Dr. Lee was sick and went under treatment. NPTS never moved during the difficult times. The LORD opened the door and there was a new era of beginning at Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Following the January 2013 retirement of Founder Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sungho Lee, who served as Founding President and Chancellor of NPTS for 27 years, Rev. Dr. Kim Won Woung has taken the helm as Chancellor.

By God’s strength Rev. Dr. Kim Won Woung brought vision and energy to the Seminary. Several significant updates and additions have taken place in the Seminary. The name Nepal Theological Seminary is changed into Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary in year 2014. The building was remodeled and furnished in 2015.

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sungho Lee the founder of NPTS was truly loved and respected by all who knew him. Although he is retired, he will be missed by each and every member of the NPTS community; his legacy is forever present in the depth and breadth of NPTS, whose vision and burden helped NPTS to take its stride for the long period. Praise God there are hundreds of NPTS alumni serving the LORD with great impact in various fields around the corner of Nepal & World.