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Vision, Mission and Purpose


a.       To produce well equip pastors for the present and future church by pastoral practicum, academic training to handle all teaching materials in field, spiritual foundation in deep root in Jesus Christ, love for church that God instituted, matured humanity and citizen and as well as disciple of Christ.

b.      To produce not only builder of the church but also to plant a boundless dreams for mission for the Nepali within Nepal but also adjacent countries like India Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

c.   To produce Christian to serve every dominion of society as servant of God to show God's love for all people regardless color, caste or any kind of socio-economically status-God is for all man-kind who is ready to care.

       d. To protect the truth and protect the sound biblical, theological teachings as teaching and practicing.

Mission Statement

  • Encourage, educate and equip those seeking to be involved in the ministry within the church and community.
  • Provide an integrated program of ministry, training which will enable student to be effective communicator of God's Love and purpose of living.
  • Provide an environment where faculty, staff and students are able to pursue their commitment to be servant of Christ and exercise and increase their God given gifts and abilities.

"NPTS is called to be a welcoming community in which God works to form his people by integrating spiritual, academic and practical education rooted in his Word, for growth in Christian life and service, locally and around the World."